About ISSUP Project


The main aim of the teacher training university is being in charge of teacher education of Japan. We are required not only to offer teaching subjects, but to deal with the educational subjects which are becoming more complex and more diversified. Education for globalization is also the big challenge in promoting the next-generation education. Therefore, how effectively we can make efforts for enhancing the language ability including English, for promoting studying abroad, and for accepting more foreign students is the big key. ISSUP Project was established in 2015 to develop the various programs for training teachers as global human resources and for meeting students' needs by organizing and practicing our original programs of teacher training university.


ISSUP Project offers two kinds of international programs, having foreign students at TGU and TGU students going abroad. Most of programs are held for 7-10 days. When foreign students come to TGU, TGU students also join the program and work for collaborative projects together. TGU students can practice their English and teaching skills in this program without going abroad. In study abroad programs, each program has a certain theme. Through lots of experiences, such as visiting local schools or communicating with university students there, they can expand their interests and improve their expertise during the program.
Also, we hold lectures about various topics given by foreign researchers.

International Student Step Up Program(ISSUP)